Ningbo Ruiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Reebio”) is a national key high-tech enterprise, which is professionally engaged in the research, production, sales and after-sales service of biotech products. It covers an area of 23 acres, with about 20,000 square meters of production and office area, equipped with GMP purification plant in line with national standards, passed ISO9001: 2008 and ISO13485: 2003 quality management system certification. It is also a R & D center of high-tech enterprises of Zhejiang Province.
      宁波瑞 源生物科技有限公司是一家集研发、生产、销售为 一体的体外诊断试剂生产的国家高新技术企业。公司占地23亩,生产办公面积达20000平米,配备有符合国家GMP标准的净化车间,通过ISO9001-2008 ISO134852003质量管理体系认证,同时也 是浙江省高新技术企业研发中心。
      The company has nearly 110 medical device production registration certificate and an annual output of 200 million milliliters of liquid biochemical reagents production line while providing special packaging for domestic and foreign main biochemical analyzer, such as Roche, Hitachi, Beckman, DuPont, Olympus, Abbott, Toshiba, Opel and so on. Competitive products are Cystatin C assay kit, Homocysteine assay kit, D-dimer assay kit, Retinol Binding Protein assay kit and etc., among them, D-dimer assay kit is listed on first projects to support of the 2011 Science and Technology Innovation Fund.
公司拥有近110项生化 试剂产品的医疗器械产品注册证和年产两亿毫升的液体生化试剂生产线,并提供罗氏、日立、贝克曼、杜邦、奥林帕斯、雅培、东芝、欧宝系 列等国内外主流生化分析仪专用包装。拳头产品有胱抑素C检测试剂盒、同型半 胱氨酸检测试剂盒、D二聚体检测试剂盒、视黄醇 结合蛋白检测试剂盒等,其中D-二聚体检测试剂盒,被列入2011年度科 技型创新基金第一批立项支持项目。
      Adhering to the "Innovation, Quality First" business philosophy, selecting high-quality raw materials, using advanced production technology, it leads domestic level with its stable and reliable product quality. For several years, Reebio participates the external quality assessment (EQA) activities hold by the Ministry of Health and reaches satisfactory results, which brings a good reputation in the industry for Reebio.
瑞源秉承“自主创新,品质至上”的企业理念,精选优质原料,采用先进生产工艺,产品质量稳定可靠,达国内领先水平。公司连 续几年通过卫生部临检中心室间质评,结果均为满意,在业内有良好的口碑。
      With a strong R&D capabilities and trusted product quality, Reebio has maintained a strong momentum of development and expanded a comprehensive sales and service network since its establishment in 2005. The products covers every province, more than 300 cities in China, with nearly 800 agents. Its scale is among the best in the industry counterparts.
公司自2005年创建以来,凭借强 大的研发能力和值得信赖的产品质量,一直保 持着强劲的发展势头,已拓展 出完善的销售和售后服务网络,产品覆盖全国各省,共计300多个城市,代理商数量近800家,公司规 模在生化试剂行业内名列前茅 。
       After the powerful combination with DIRUI, Reebio has added 4 fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers, which is going to increase Reebio’s marketing share and make Reebio international.
       瑞源与 迪瑞强强联合后,瑞源已 在原有试剂产品推出4款不同 测试速的生化分析仪,这将推 动瑞源生物未来市场占有率的提升,并且走向国际市场。
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